• What is it like to be deaf?
  • How have services for deaf people changed over the years?
  • What are the current areas where access improvements can be made for deaf people?
  • What are the hurdles that prevent deaf people from getting involved in sports?  How can deaf people be encouraged to get involved in sports?
  • What do organisations need to do to ensure that service provisions for deaf people comply with the Disability Discrimination Act?

Whatever your organisation’s activity, you are certain to have a deaf customer.  Customers could be internal or external and it is vital that your facilities, products, services and information delivery methods comply with all the anti discrimination laws.   DeafinitEquality staff, have personal experience of the ‘hearing’ and the ‘deaf’ world.  With varied and extensive educational background, the speaker will retain your interest through a fascinating speak strolling through the pathway of genuine real life experiences and unanticipated situations.  Serious, challenging and hilarious entertainment, that will produce the end result of developing the audiences’ new ways of working and associating with their customers.

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