DeafinitEquality Sports Consultancy is solely focused on assisting organisations pinpoint areas that they could develop their weaknesses with regards to the deaf community.

For the Deaf Community, DeafinitEquality Sports Consultancy will assist you identify opportunities for funding, sponsorship, and other partnerships.  We would help create fund raising strategies, business development ideas, analyse your organisations to establish its key Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT).

DeafinitEquality Sports Consultancy expertise allows us to provide a wide range of specialised services aimed at the sports market.

Over a given period, DeafinitEquality Sports Consultants would serve as the first point of contact on all activities and programs related to your organisation’s sport development.

We understand that every organisation is unique.  Our analysts will tailor your service requirement appropriately to match your needs.

We will utilise the full support provision of DeafinitEquality Group of Companies, in creating first class solutions to assist your organisation.  We cover all areas and levels of sports provisions from organisational dilemmas, staffing and deaf awareness training issues, coaching advice for working with deaf people, sponsorships, language modifications, document interpretations and networking opportunities.

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