Supporting Deaf Students

In the UK, English is generally the second language for many profoundly Deaf students; British Sign Language (BSL) is usually their first and natural language. With the structure of English and BSL differing greatly, it is a major challenge for Deaf students to fully comprehend course lecture notes and material, undertake out-of-class research work and to produce/write assignments. For these and for many other reasons, it is vital that Deaf students are provided with appropriate Language Support, Language Modification Support and 1 to 1 Tutorial Support to meet their individual needs.

Language Support

Deafinitequality is fully aware that no two Deaf people are alike, which means the support provided has to be on an individual basis.

Deafinitequality provides Language Support for Deaf Students that is:

  • Tailored to individual needs
  • Matches individual capabilities
  • Flexible to meet individual student’s timetable
  • Adaptable to meet the needs of the student.
  • Offered in British Sign Language (BSL) and/or Sign Supported English (SSE)

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Language Modification

As with Language Support for Deaf Students, Language Modification for Deaf Students is vital to the success of Deaf students.

Language Modification involves Deafinitequality:

  • Modifying the written text of Deaf students to easy understandable English language that is accessible to both the course lecturer and Deaf students.
  • Tailoring the written information to meet the language level to match the individual needs of the Deaf student.
  • In some cases going through the modified material(s) with Deaf students to clarify any areas or terminologies.

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One to One Support

It is a major challenge for many Deaf students to concentrate on the lecturer, Sign Language Interpreter, Note-taker or Palantypist simultaneously.  For this reason, it is important that Deaf students are offered Outside Classroom Support that is tailored to their individual needs.

Deafinitequality 1 to 1 Support is:

  • Provided by a qualified Tutor of the Deaf
  • Tailored to individual Deaf student’s needs
  • Provided by a qualified deaf graduate
  • Flexible to match the course timetable

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